Final Concert Reminders

Tonight is the 8th grade choir concert and tomorrow night is the 7th grade choir concert. Students report directly to the HS performing arts center at 6:30 pm. The concerts begin at 7:00 pm. Today students had the chance to review their riser charts which included an assigned seat to sit in the auditorium. 8th grade sopranos and basses will sit front house left and 8th grade altos and tenors will sit house front right. 7th grade women’s chorus will sit house left and 7th grade men’s chorus will sit house right. These charts are available to students on google classroom.

Please remind your son/daughter audience etiquette during performances. No cell phones to be used during the performance and cell phones should be shut off or on silent. No talking during choirs performances or speaking. No flash photography. When students are moving onto the risers, please be quiet when moving and once on stage to stay quiet until it is time to sing. Looking forward to two great concerts!

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