Learwood Music Department Fundraiser Kickoff Today!

Today, we are kicking off our Learwood Music Department Fundraiser. We are selling chocolates, candy, candy Easter eggs, flower bulbs, flower/fruit/vegetable seeds, kitchen items, dip mixes, candles, tumblers, magazine subscriptions, cookie mixes, cheese, sauces and more! Students will have two weeks to sell their items. The order form attached inside the catalog is due on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. Please give us all three sheets (white, yellow, pink). We will give a sheet back to your student during delivery. Products will be delivered the week of March 19th.

This fundraiser is our annual fundraiser where proceeds from this sale are used to pay for music, instruments, supplies, equipment, accompanists, and clinicians to better our music students and programs.

Click here to access the fundraiser information sheet.

We are asking students to COLLECT THE MONEY when they deliver the products. When delivering products, Please pay by check only to Learwood Middle School. Parents, I would ask that you collect all money and checks written to your name, then write us ONE CHECK to Learwood Middle School. Remember please write the check(s) after you have delivered the fundraiser items.

Students will receive prizes for their hard work. Any student who sells five items by Wednesday, February 7, can bring in their order form and show it to me and they will receive a headphone splitter! So go sell your five items today! There are many prizes available if a student sells 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50+ items! For choir students, the top 5 students sellers per choir class will be invited to join a build your own Ice Cream Sunday Party!

All students received hard copies of the catalog, order form, and an information sheet today.

You are able to order online and students will receive credit by creating an account online. Please share this information on social media to help out with our fundraiser!

  1. Go to www.onlinefundraisingstore.com
  2. Click on Parent Registration and follow the directions. You will need your group code. PMNES18LEAR
  3. You will receive a confirmation email to register your student. Your child will received a personal student ID#. You can now send emails and share your sale information via social media using the student ID#. Students get credit for those sales. Customers can choose to order online and have the items sent to Learwood at no charge or shipped directly to a residence.
  4. Do not write online orders on your order form!
  5. Online orders will ship to any continental US state. No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

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