Learwood Spring Choral Concert Tonight

Courage ColorWe are looking forward to our spring choir concert entitled Courage! The lion above was drawn by Jennifer Benedict, 8th grade student in Concert Choir and is our program cover.

Here are some last minute reminders and important information.

Students, for your reflection you will complete backstage or on your own at home, click here. This is due by the end of the school day Friday 5-26-2017.

Remember to report to the ALHS Performing Arts Center wearing your concert dress at 6:30 p.m. Concert starts at 7:00 p.m.

7th Grade Girls: HS Choir Room

7th Grade Boys: HS Band Room

Concert Choir: HS Orchestra Room

8th Grade Symphonic Choir Sopranos and Basses: Room 114

8th Grade Symphonic Choir Altos and Tenors: Room 113


After the concert, students will be dismissed to the PAC.

Please no flash photography and hold all applause until after the song is completed. Please do not applaud each solo separately or there will be a lot of clapping as there is a lot of soloists. I will acknowledge soloists at the end.

After the concert, Divine Scoops will be open late if you are looking for a sweet treat!

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