Learwood Eighth Grade Concert Choir to Perform at the OMEA Professional Development Conference!


I hope you are all having wonderful summers. I am pleased to announce that the Learwood Eighth Grade Concert Choir was selected to perform at the Ohio Music Education Association’s Annual State Professional Development Conference which will be held at the convention center in Cleveland, OH. The conference will run Thursday February 2 through Saturday February 4 and OMEA will assign us our performance time and date. As I receive more details from OMEA, I will notify parents and students of details.

There were over 150 applicants and few were selected to perform. It is a huge honor to perform at a conference such as this. Our audience will be mostly music educators from around the state and even other states. This is the same conference where OMEA features their high school all state ensembles. This performance will advocate to the music community our great music program Avon Lake has to offer students.

You will see an updated handbook and calendar posted to the website sometime next week.

A huge thank you to our 2015-2016 Concert Choir for their awesome recordings we used in our application!


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