OMEA D4 Junior High Solo and Ensemble Results!

Congratulations to the 30 Learwood Students who participated in either a solo or participated in the Learwood A Capella Ensemble for the Ohio Music Education Association District IV Jr. High Solo and Ensemble! At this event, students perform either a solo piece or sing in an ensemble and is critiqued by a judge. The judge gives students ratings of I-V. A I being the highest (Superior.) Learwood MS received all Superior (I) and Excellent (II) ratings! A special congratulations goes to the Learwood A Capella Ensemble who received a Superior (I) Rating for their performance.

The students who performed on Saturday were,

Reagan Bushok, Carter Cowles, Dylan Eckenrode, Abby Golden, Daniel Gray, Maya Gonzalez, Jackie Grissinger, Maxwell Hallett, Kelly Hershey, Caity Hill, Tomi Johnson, Keith Kreeger, Clayton Ledbetter, Rebecca Lisi, Leah Mangano, Mikayla Mitchell, Isabella Molina, Dresden Moss, Brett Nicolette, Emma Okuma, Clara Orr, Creed Peters, Lauren Rish, Ella Rudkin, James Rokas, Aidan Shoop, Chris Stevens, Seth Wanner, Allison Wetzler, and Haleigh Whitt.


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