Concert Choir Tour Highlights Day 1!

Early Friday Morning, the Learwood Concert Choir left on their annual trip to Columbus, OH! The students were excited from the start when they found out they were riding on a brand new tour bus! We had a wonderful bus! Our first stop was to Ohio State University where we had the privilege to work with Dr. Kristina MacMullen, associate choral director at OSU. The students learned a lot in their short hour with Dr. M. From there we headed to the Ohio State House and performed for local Columbus residents and family who travelled to see our choir. We performed in the Crypt underneath the main dome and which the space provided a wonderful echo sound for the choir. The choir sounded Beautiful and I could not be more proud of their performance.

After our performance we toured the Ohio State House, had some shopping time at the OSU student union and then had a lovely Italian dinner at Bucca De Beppo. Our night ended seeing Beauty and the Beast Broadway Production live from the palace theater.

Today we head to the Columbus Zoo and the Ohio Weslyan University Observatory. Can’t wait for a fun filled day with some awesome students 🙂 


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