Fundraiser Pick Up Scheduled for Tomorrow 3-17-16

If you are anticipating picking up fundraiser items from the Learwood Fundraiser, they will be available for pick up tomorrow after 10:30 a.m. on the stage in the Learwood Auditorium. Items will be in alphabetical order and each student is assigned a number. Please look at the sheet right outside the auditorium to find your student’s number. The number will correspond with a post it note next to the box. Students can take their items directly to their lockers during their choir class then take them home, parents can pick up items during the day stopping by the main office, or students/parents can pick up items after school. A copy of the student’s order sheet will be given back to them and who they sold to.

Money will be due on Monday April 4th. Mr. Ewald and I are requesting that parents have all sellers pay parents and if parents could write ONE CHECK to Learwood Middle School, that would help out our book keeping tremendously. Please have the check in a sealed envelope with student’s name clearly printed on the envelope. After student returns to us all of the money, students will receive their prizes!

Thank you all for helping support the Learwood Music Department!

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