Holiday Poinsetta and Wreath Fundraiser

As we are rapidly approaching the holiday season, most likely we are decorating our houses in preparation for some festive cheer. Why not add to the occasion with a fresh poinsettia or a real pine wreath? Learwood Choirs is partnering with Dean’s Greenhouse selling online and at their store. Here’s two ways you can help participate in this fundraiser.

  1. Order online by Wednesday, December 9th at Your orders will help decorate the HS PAC for the Learwood Winter Choral Concert (12/15/15). You may pick up your order after the concert. Items for sale online are: Red and White Poinsettias available in 6.5 round ($10.00 each) and 8 round ($20.00 each) both in red and white. Wreathes are available 24′ round and are $30.00 each
  2. Shop in person now through December 24th at Dean’s Greenhouse and they will give Learwood Choirs 20% of your purchase. You can purchase any item and you do not have to purchase anything to decorate the stage. Purchase whatever you like and take it home! Please print out this email for Deans to see so they can honor your purchase.

Dean’s Greenhouse

3984 Porter Rd, Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 871-2050

Our goal is to raise $1000.00. We have many expenses including a new commission for a piece of music that the 8th grade mixed choir will give the world premiere at our spring concert. I thank you all for your continued support for the Learwood Choirs and I hope to see many Poinsettias and wreaths fill the PAC at our concert on the 15th.


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