8th Gr. Concert Choir Veterans Day Performance Tomorrow!

Parents, if your son/daughter is not in 8th grade concert choir, you may disregard this message.

Tomorrow, students will perform for over 100 Veterans Day for the Learwood Veterans Day Ceremony! Here are the details.

-Students wear their concert dress to school tomorrow. Ladies, black dress pants and white tops. Men, black dress pants, white dress shirt. Dark tie. DRESS SHOES! No tennis shoes or sandals. and…WEAR DEODERANT! Please review my handbook for specific information for the dress code. 8th Grade Concert Band members will wear their ALL BLACK.

-Students in choir will report to the choir room after homeroom and attendance is taken. Those playing in the orchestra, report to the cafeteria. Those playing in the band, report to band. The orchestra students will meet us in the auditorium and we will save them a seat. Band students will walk down from stage during the ceremony and will join us in the risers for God Bless the USA only. Band members will play the National Anthem with Mr. Ewald. Concert choir sings the National Anthem with the band.

-After the performance, students may change into their school clothes if they wish. Use the locker rooms.

-Parents are invited to attend the ceremony. Please sit to the sides so Veteran’s can sit in the center section. If you are bringing a Veteran, your family may sit in the middle.

THIS IS A MANDATORY CONCERT WORTH 20% of student’s grade. Please see what is an acceptable excused absence in the handbook. If a student is sick, or there is a family emergency, I need a phone call to 440-933-8142 x2103. Our email is still down so I will not receive an email.

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