Learwood Fundraiser Items Will Arrive Tomorrow at Learwood MS!

Thank you for your help in raising money for the Learwood Music Department (Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs). We have done well with this year’s fundraiser and appreciate any help you have given and continue to give to music education at Learwood Middle School. We could not operate without your support and help.

The delivery of orders from New Era Fundraising will be tomorrow, March 10th. All of your child’s orders will be packaged together in bags and boxes with your child’s name labeled on them and the order forms within the package, as well as a list of the items placed in the packages. When your child brings home the orders, please double check that you have all the items that are on your order form. If you happen to be missing any items, please email me with the name and number of the item that is missing and I will make sure that it is shipped as soon as possible.

If your child had sold a large number of items, approximately 30+ items, it may be beneficial to have a ride come to school to help bring the fundraiser orders home.

Please help your child deliver the items as soon as possible and turn in the money to me soon thereafter. We do ask that check are only turned in as cash is hard to replace if lost or misplaced. Checks must be made out to “Learwood Middle School”. Also, please remind your child to double check to total amount of money being turned in against the amount listed on the package list. Any prizes earned will be distributed after money is turned in and verified with our records.

Again, thank you for your help with our annual Learwood Music Department Fundraiser.

Mr. Pontoli

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