Our Annual Learwood Music Department Fundraiser Starts Today

Parents and Students,

Today is the day we start our Fundraiser! We are selling chocolate fudge, candles, trail mix, and other sweet snacks out of one catalog. Students will have about two weeks to sell their items. The order form attached inside the catalog is due on Tuesday February 17th. Products will be delivered the week of March 16th. We are asking students to COLLECT THE MONEY when they deliver the products. Please pay by check only to Learwood Middle School. Parents, I would ask that you collect all money and checks written to your name, then write us ONE CHECK to Learwood Middle School.

Students will receive prizes for their hard work. Any student who sells five items by tomorrow can bring in their order form and show it to me and they will be entered into the Frog Fling! Students will receive a flinging frog and whoever’s frog flings the farthest will receive $50.00! So go sell your five items today!

All students received hard copies of the catalog, order form, and an information sheet. Click here to view the information sheet.

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